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My Everyday Mindful Meditation

My Everyday Mindful Meditation

Meditation has been an essential and moving practice in my life. And it's just that: a practice. It's been something "I'm not good at" or "hurts my back" or "I just can not do because my brain won't shut the f*&#k up." But, with mindful awareness, loving patience and consistency, it has evolved into a necessity and coping mechanism within my daily life. A way to keep my mind free from distractions, pressure, stress, fear, and so on. 

How did I get here?

I had always dabbled with seeking this connection, but life choices, distractions and chaos stood in the way. I'm sober, working a program of recovery and, in the beginning, was desperate for an outlet to help guide me through this new journey. New lifestyle, new jobs, new pressures, new friends, new opportunities, new relationships, and so on. Fear, stress and anxiety heightened within my daily life. 

What came next..

I started very slowly. And, I recommend this to anyone who wants to practice meditation. I started with 3 minutes a day. I would set a timer and simply just breathe in and out. I would actually say "in" and "out" as I was breathing to help me focus on only my breath for 3 minutes. Some days were easy, some days I could barely sit through it. For me, saying a mantra or affirmations during my meditation is extremely helpful. This sounds like reciting a series of phrases focused on bringing calm, health and happiness to myself then offering those experiences to someone else I care about.

"Abundant Love. Abundant Joy. Abundant Authenticity."

"May I be Happy. May I be Healthy. May I be at Peace." 

I tried this daily for a month. Once I could honestly commit to it daily, I would add a minute every couple of weeks. Now, I meditate for a total of 20 minutes a day, at least. And, not always is this sitting in silence with my breath. At times, it's setting my morning intentions with mantras or going for a walk with my dogs or doing 10 minutes of yoga movements. Other times, it's laying down outside or sitting up in bed. With this consistent practice, I made a safe space in my home dedicated to meditation. 

You're not alone

There is a large community of people who practice in different ways, every day, all over the world. If you want to learn more, do some research, join groups, watch videos, go practice with others. It will open you up to a whole new community and allow yourself to be a part of something bigger! There are many apps that have guided meditations for different lengths of time, which is super helpful for beginners. 

Benefits of Meditation 

  • May increase resiliency to stress and reduce blood pressure
  • May improve sleep
  • May increase focus
  • May improve key components of mood
  • May enhance self-esteem and self-acceptance
  • May help creative thinking and skills
  • May improve immune system and energy level

The list goes on. 

Ting's Tips for Meditation

  1. Reduce distractions
  2. Find a comfortable posture for you
  3. Start slow 
  4. Stay consistent, make it a habit
  5. Trust your body and your breath 
  6. Be nicer to yourself 

Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea tomorrow morning. Light some sage to clear the energy in the room and create a safe space. Say some mantras and breathe. Need some guidance? I'd love to chat more about it with you, anytime. 

xx, ting